"The Yes Voice" Series

Andy Eppler is best known as one-half of the beloved local band, The Prairie Scholars, but he is also the author of the book, “New Reason New Way: how my skepticism changed my art,” a co-host of the very successful show “The Prairie Scholars Podcast”, a published poet, and a prolific painter.


Mr. Eppler paints under the name Ando, which he says is his fully actualized artistic self that he wants to constantly move toward becoming. Ando released his most recent series of paintings on his birthday in July at The Longmont Songwriter Music Festival.


“My motivation for the last few series was to try and encourage people to ‘say yes’ to their creative impulses. Saying ‘yes’ in this way to myself has brought me a very fulfilling life and I want to try and share that idea with people. I don’t consider myself to be the greatest painter alive but I do love it and I do let myself do what I love. I’m much happier for it. I call this impulse my ‘Yes Voice’,” Eppler said.


“The idea of the ‘Yes Voice’ came to me when I was smoking a joint (very helpful for this kind of thing) and thinking about reality in my backyard about a year ago. I had just watched some lecture in which some scientist was talking about the idea of new realities/universes being birthed whenever a decision is made or an action is taken. The idea essentially boiled down to that of flipping a coin and thereby creating two different realities. One would be a reality where the coin lands on heads and the other would be a reality where the coin lands on tails. If this idea is tracked back through all the decisions and actions in the history of the universe to the root of all of them one comes to the initial ‘cosmic coin flip’ of  ‘will there be a universe or won’t there be?’ All at once I realized that this universe I was looking at was the ‘heads’ version or the ‘yes there will be a universe’ option. In other words, when I create things, I am more in tune with the pattern set forth naturally and unavoidably by the universe. When I say ‘yes’ to my creativity I am fulfilling that pattern. I am a working cog in the mechanism that is this reality… also I recognize that I sound sort of benignly insane. I’ve come to terms with that as well.”


“My new series is called “YES LIGHT” and it is also focused on the ‘Yes Voice’ but from a different angle and using different images to send the message. This time I’m using big flowers and tiny little women who are meditating and doing yoga on the petals. I’ve been waiting for the right time to release these and I think the middle of winter is the best time for a little brightness and a little softness.”

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