Ando's Nowness



As I get older I want to keep making the effort to continue growing as a person. In the last few years I’ve been experimenting more and more with some basic meditative practices. To this end I have been listening to lectures by a lot of teachers from various traditions and belief systems (hippies). One recurring theme that all these people seem to focus in on is the importance and even sacredness of the present moment. “Nowness”, you might call it.


It’s easy to spend life rushing to complete the next thing on some list or dwelling on some past event that only you are still tortured by. That’s kind of the path of least resistance. In other words, worrying about the dent you found in your car this morning is easier than moving on and finding peace in your day. For me, it’s this constant battle in your mind for your attention that makes meditation so intimidating.


My goal is to be able to control my focus when I want to and to be able to manipulate my brain chemistry in a way that will help me emotionally stabilize when I need to. One tool that I find helps with both capturing my “nowness” and balancing my brain chemistry is the old sacred herb. Yes, I mean Marijuana (AKA Cannabis). This stuff is the duct tape of the plant world. It has a million applications and fixes almost everything so of course I applied it to my efforts.


When I combined meditation with marijuana I found the following benefits:


1. Short term memory distortion: nothing keeps you in your present moment like forgetting there was a previous moment. After a joint or two of our wonderful Colorado bud you can Nowness your ass off if you so choose.


2. The predictable release of positive emotion inducing brain chemistry: It’s easier to find the joy of the present moment when your brain chemistry is working in your favor.


3. Large deep breaths are naturally soothing: When I vaporize dem weeds I take big deep breaths, which also carries in oxygen to my system by default. Lots of studies tell us that 10 deep breaths in succession is extremely calming.


4. Sharing is caring: If you are trying to meditate with a partner or group, sharing a joint or two can be surprisingly intimate and seems to put the group in the same mental space. It’ almost like group kissing, except through a medium.


5. Marijuana assists focus: Doctors prescribe it for people who don’t want to take Ritalin for their Attention Deficit Disorder therefore it makes a natural ally for the meditator who needs help focusing on to clearing their mind.


If you are an adult who is interested in meditation but think you might need a little help in these areas I mentioned here … I recommend you try marijuana as an addition to your practice.  It’s not for everyone and certainly not for kids but I think it’s been a good addition for me.



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