A Letter to My Fellow Humans

A Letter to My Fellow Humans

-Andy Eppler 3-1-16


Oh, it’s easy to hate you, my friend

Just look at your stupid face and your mindless grin

It’s scary to think you drive a car

Or vote in the elections, You’re on society like a scar

And the truth isn’t always plain to see that there’s very little difference

Between you and me


Oh, it’s easy to despise them, my friend

All those crooked politicians leaving the people skinned

& if they don’t get their way they kick all the blocks

as they strut around the big house like dangerous peacocks

I wont try to excuse what they do but they’re made of the same bullshit

As me and you


It’s easy to neglect them, my friend

All those egotistic dummies screaming that it’s the end

I don’t mind breaking it to you

It’s always been the end and the end is never through

So there’s no point in telling them their wrong

If they didn’t get the message maybe they’ll get the song



On some deeper scale we are the same

Made of all the same pieces, sourced from all the same places

On some other level they can’t tell us from each other

Oh how that frustrates and illuminates me


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