The Functionality of Creativity

When I processed what this meant, I felt like an idiot.

The Longmont Music Scene and How it Works

Over the last five years Longmont has become well known on the Front Range as a live music destination, but if you had told that to folks in 2008 they would have laughed in your face. When Jessica and I moved to town in 2009 the Longmont music scene was almost non-existent, there were only two or three venues that were even interested in live music. As far as music culture was concerned, Longmont was perpetually behind Lyons and Boulder. Longmont was best known as a loving and inviting community of people who mostly worked in Boulder or Denver and liked drinking local beer.


Ando and the Parable of the Earthworm (a hippie gets stoned)

In this entry Ando experiments with high doses of edible THC and compassion. 

A Letter to My Fellow Humans

I wrote a song about all this political discourse that we are flooded by. Here are the lyrics.




Ando on Music as an Art Form

Music is unique in the world of art. It’s also universal to humanity. It’s one of those rare and beautiful things that we all have in common. What makes music so potent? My theory is as follows.

"The Yes Voice" Series


“My motivation for the last few series was to try and encourage people to ‘say yes’ to their creative impulses. Saying ‘yes’ in this way to myself has brought me a very fulfilling life and I want to try and share that idea with people. I don’t consider myself to be the greatest painter alive but I do love it and I do let myself do what I love. I’m much happier for it. I call this impulse my ‘Yes Voice’,” Eppler said.


Ando's Nowness

As I get older I want to keep making the effort to continue growing as a person. In the last few years I’ve been experimenting more and more with some basic meditative practices. To this end I have been listening to lectures by a lot of teachers from various traditions and belief systems (hippies). One recurring theme that all these people seem to focus in on is the importance and even sacredness of the present moment. “Nowness”, you might call it.

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