The Good Old Days Now (Double Album)

The Good Old Days Now



One, four, five ain’t nothin’ fancy

In fact some folks, they’ll tell you that ain’t a song

But listen up my friends let me assure you

Sometimes it’s the other folks who are wrong


When I’m alone it seems easy

Seems like it was with me all along

But the simple things in life just seem good to me

Like a cold glass of beer and a three-chord song


The good old days are now right here before us

Playing local songs in our rocky mountain forest

The good old days are now, our simple fortune

Pouring local brews, strumming on a three-chord tune


You know the good old days are still happening

And I’m not sure they ever really stopped

They just keep on pouring from life’s pitcher

Foaming sweetly, ice cold, and dry-hopped


This whole world is made of nothin’

The closer they look they find there’s nothin’ there

So simple ideas are vast constructions

And a good three-chord tune is always worth a share


No matter where you look no matter where you go

You can always find that there’s a few more

Good old days waiting there for you

No matter what you sing no matter what you make

My advice is that it don’t really take much more than a chord

Or maybe a few





Anonymous Getaway Driver



Way back in that pool hall where we cooked up this stupid heist

I never in a million years ever thought we would do it

But times are tough for all of us

And though we probably all knew better we told each other we’d get through it


Chorus:    Anonymous getaway driver hands flinching with each heartbeat

Trying not to stare at his dead cohorts in the street

The anonymous getaway driver presses steady upon the gas

Hoping that this awful day just won’t be his last


Waiting across the street from the bank three minutes ago

I didn’t hear the alarms but I knew they must be ringing

Cause the police were outside loading up their guns

So goddamned excited they might as well have been singing


Bustin’ out the bank came my brothers with the loot

They barely had enough time to yell “Oh, no please don’t shoot”

Before their bodies were exploding in a hail of pistol shots

Spilling all their red life bare and cleaning my mind of thoughts





Day Off, Off


Don’t come by the house don’t call the phone

I’m gonna be spending the day alone doing nothing,     that’s right

Don’t look in the store don’t look in the bar

I won’t be getting very far from the kitchen and that ice cold beer


Cause it’s cheap and simple to bring my dreams to fruition

The banker and the preacher man laugh and scoff

And I’ll be back tomorrow to the regular conditions

But I’m gonna take my day off, off

I’m gonna take my day off, off

I’m gonna take my day off, off and just do nothing



Not calling in sick not down with the flu

Just wanted to smoke up a bowl or two for my breakfast, that’s right

Not meeting with friends not hitting the town

My only plan is to lay around on the sofa and maybe pick on my guitar





Doin’ Time in Dalhart


Well, officer anonymous was knocking at my window

He said, “You know boy, I can smell the wind blow.”
Yeah, a little while later we were at the jail


Well they hauled us in for smelling like the wicked weed

Yeah somewhere in the floorboard somebody dropped a seed

Oh, sweet Jesus what an evil thing to have done


Now I’m doin’ time in Dalhart

Now ain’t that a shame

Now I’m doin’ time in Dalhart

Now they’re gonna know my name

But if the charges come to havin’ fun

I guess that’s just exactly what I’ve done


Well we played in Lubbock just the night before

Yeah we packed the house, tickets $25 at the door

Yeah they found us pretty strapped with cash


Well they took our money, ran us right out of town

And they reminded us never to ever bother comin’ around

Now that’s some advice we intend to take





Hold Me Close



Well I’ve learned a few things since I moved up to the mountains

I learned how to keep a beer cold by the fire

I learned that even though it gets cold in these mountains

We both radiate the warmth of our desire


Hold me close little darlin’

These winters ain’t like they were back home

If these frozen winds come rushin’ in, if we don’t get together

They’re going to chill us both right to the bone

They’re going to chill us both right to the bone


Well I’ve learned a few things since I moved up to the mountains

I learned how to tell if a nug is past its prime

Now there’s plenty of good time lovin’ here in these mountains

Some of it’s for love, some’s to pass the time





I Ain’t Gonna Be Havin’ Me No Babies



I ain’t gonna be havin’ me no babies

I’m taking these genes to the grave

And my folks best be believing

No grandchildren they’ll be receiving

That’s what they had them other kids for


I ain’t gonna be raising ya’ll no voters

I’m raising up society

Doesn’t matter the incentive

 I’ll always take preventative steps

When it comes to making my plans


I’m not gonna start up a family

There’s gotta be someone more qualified than me

When I die all I’ll leave behind me

Is a house, a car, my piano, some guitars, and some hats and art and my weed


I ain’t gonna be makin’ me no copies

I’m shutting down that factory

In the age of information

What’s the point in replication?

I’m one of a kind and the last of my kind, too


I ain’t gonna make no baby Scholars

This body ain’t got no vacancy

One of the best evasion tactics

Is investment in prophylactics

And that, my friends, is maintaining this band





I Could Be Free



If I could live outside of my mind, if I could learn to treat myself kind

Maybe I could be free, maybe I could be free

It’s like I’m always working on a bridge to build myself to the way I want to live

So I can be free, so I can be free


If I could see a way to a different routine maybe I could stay

Maybe I could stay free, maybe I could stay free


If I could listen to myself think before I’m wrung out and living on the brink

Maybe I could be free, maybe I could be free

It’s like I’m always just around the bend hoping somehow that in the end

I could be free, maybe I could be free





If You Don’t Feel Like Lovin’


Well it may be time to pack our things and look at hitting the road

Well I think they smell that shit we smoked all the way back here in room 18

And then never had I realized how you have the most eyes

And I have never seen them this way?


Well if you don’t feel like fuckin’ don’t get me high

That’s the thing I’m always trying to explain to you

If you don’t feel fuckin’ don’t get me high

That’s the thing I’m always trying to explain to you


Well we woke up in Toas, New Mexico and looked around the room for the wine

And after a glass or two we tried to find something to do by walking all around downtown

And then never had I realized how you had the most beautiful eyes

How had I never seen them this way?







You say you love him and that’s your right

I know you see him almost every night

There’s only one thing that I ask of you

Go make your home where I won’t see you


You two can have the whole state of Kansas, from plain to shining plain

Let me keep my mountains, the only things keeping me sane

You two can have the whole state of Kansas, just to run & laugh & play

Just stay the hell out of Colorado, and I’ll be on my way


You go be with him on that prairie land

He’ll make you happy, you know I understand

Leave me my mountains where I’ve made my home

Leave me in Colorado, leave me alone





In Your Mind You’re Already Gone


I wish we were lost in love instead of lost to each other

I can’t make you stay, I can’t make you stay

And I won’t try, but know

That if you stay I’ll be different

I can make the change, I believe I can make the change

Now, isn’t that good for something?


In your mind you’re already gone

You’re already gone

You’re already gone

It doesn’t matter what I do


I wish we were lost in love, but I’m just lonely and wondering

Now even with you sitting here, even with you sitting here

I still feel all alone

Now if you stay what will you change?

You don’t think you should have to change

Well now, shouldn’t that tell me something?





Lost in You


I would rather be out of my mind than ever have to find myself without you

I wouldn’t even call for help, I’d let go of myself, my consciousness freefalling


Oh lost in you, I don’t want to find myself all alone

Oh lost in you, I don’t want to find myself all alone


I would close my eyes and let the wind carry me away to another time and space

I would wonder every single land if I could hold your hand and close away my thoughts


I would walk deserts far and wide if in the end I’d find myself in the fathoms of your mind

If I never met another soul I could still be whole if I had the knowledge of your love





Oh My You


Even the windows in the back of my mind were blown out

Like a desert storm came through

The walls were all crumbling, heavy and broken

There was nothing left standing but you


Oh, my you

Oh, my you


Suddenly I’m seeing the gardens I pass through

Every fragrance reminds me of you

My worries are shrinking, dying and bleeding

They shrivel in the fire of you


The daylight is warmer, brighter and sweeter

Even the sky is more blue

All of the shadows that grow in the night are stamped out

By the shining light of you





Poquito Mas

Her skin was brown like the Yucatan soil

Smooth and pleasing to the finger

As daylight fades away I come find her and I lay

Down beside her as she soaks in all the night


The air is thick with the scent of her hair 

Sweetly, it cascades all around her

As she gently called to me I thought I could finally see

How perfection had such power over men


Poquito mas Poquito mas 

She said with her ruby lips shining 

She said Please don’t go away

Lord, I’m begging you to stay

Oh, my lover please don’t leave me all alone


The fire of the sun had only just begun

To cool in the desert all around us

And the coolness of the night was still just out of sight 

As the heat of our love start’d to burn

And I longed for her since the moment we last touched 

Her scent lingered still upon me

And between us only skin was keeping us within

Keeping us from blurring into one


I hear her voice in the alcoves of my mind

Echoes from our distant nights of passion

She said Babe, ‘You’ll never go back with me to Mexico

You know my father he’d shoot you dead on sight’

With our bodies close we lay tangled in the night

Writhing while the world was all a slumber 

And the sweetness of her kiss is the thing that I most miss

And the voice as it haunts me in the night







She Can’t Wait



Well I paid off all her tickets for the red lights

That she ran like a hobby every single day

She ‘bout bled me dry with all her drivin’ by

And then I’s stuck with the bill because she can’t wait


She can’t wait

It’s just too hard to do

She can’t wait

What made you think she’d wait for you?


She put it on the card instead of saving

Because waiting for the savings just wouldn’t do

She blew it all away, it didn’t matter the things I’d say

And then one day she ran off and found someone new


She said it was time to go get married

I told her buying a ring would take some time

When she left me for you, hell I felt lucky

And surprised she waited around to see my last dime


So when I saw you at the bar

Swimming in your fifth beer

I sat down next to you

And said buddy can I wait here?





Sleeping Next to You



You know what they say, that after a while it ain’t the same

And you know that that’s true, love,

Cause now my whole forest burns for you, love


Even after all these years, the laughter still outweighs the tears

My whole world still spins around you

You’re the only thing that’s true, love


Ooooh, I smile when I’m sleeping next to you


You know what they say, ain’t no more romance left today

But you know that’s not true love

I’ve given it all to you, love


The line between my life and dreams, is so thin, I can’t find the seams

Cause all of my thoughts fly to you

And all of my heart is for you, love





Spend The Time



You can only ride on one side of the road, you can go one way at a time

If you try to split your soul you’re gonna break your mind

You can let yourself crash full force ahead, or you can decide to drive

You can waste time until you’re dead or you can build a life


You could make anything better, make your world align

If you spend the time

You could make all your endeavors, reach the finish line

If you spend the time


You can see the intent of your heart, but you can never judge mine

You’ll only ever know the parts that I let you find

We can let ourselves miscommunicate and live on the edge of strife

We can let love dissipate or we can build a life


We could make anything better, make our worlds align

If we spend the time

We could make all our endeavors reach the finish line, if we spend the time





Tangled in Steel




I’m trying hard not to say

That we both need each other in the same way

Our bodies both know that it’s true

And you’d know what I meant if I could say to you

That I need you tonight and it feel like a free fall

I need you tonight and that’s alright if that’s all


All of these thoughts are tangled in steel

And it’s only the sound of the way that I feel

Because I love you

So bad it hurts me somehow


I’m trying hard not to do

The things those other guys must have tried to pull on you

Cause you know we’re already in tune

How could there still be such thing as too soon

Cause I need you tonight and it feels like a free fall

I need you tonight and that’s alright if that’s all





The Exchange



My guilty conscience is being loud, when no one asked for its opinion

Is my heart just being proud, or did I sense a little friction

I know that I have been predisposed, to making consequential claims

But I struggle to keep my mind reasonable, and stop myself from fleeing the scene



Sometimes, I can’t find the words to say anything

Cause my mind, it shuts down, puts all my information away


Is there a broken fuse in my brain? I overload when I try to make decisions

Too much commitment and I may abstain, from taking on a full position

I can admit I’m susceptible, to feeling raw and acting strange

I hope you won’t take it personal, don’t take too much stock in this exchange





Waiting For the Fever to Break



Every night I’m sleeping, just to wake up tired

Day and night I’m dreaming, but it’s all so uninspired

Every day there’s a brand new heartache

Don’t know how much more of it I can take


Day after day it still don’t change, I’m waiting for the fever to break

Ain’t no such thing as give and take, I’m waiting for the fever to break

I push and pull but it still don’t shake, I’m waiting for the fever to break


I could hold the hope that life turns on a dime

Don’t seem to matter what direction I face to pass the time

I stand still and watch the world spin

Isn’t it just a means to and end


My mind’s been squeezed like a sponge

And all the air in my lungs

Has all rushed out like a wave

With a ball and chain wrapped around

I couldn’t sink any further down

Am I too deep to be saved





Walk Through Fire


I could live without seeing the ocean

I could live without feeling the wind

But I don’t think I could live with the notion

Of never seeing your face again


I could live without having much money

I could live my whole life being poor

But I don’t think I could live with it honey

If I couldn’t see your face anymore


Well I could die with your arms around me

And never have another desire

If I had you there to surround me

Baby I could walk through fire


I could live without being successful

A failure in everyone’s eyes

And still live my life being grateful

That I got to have so much of your time






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