Full Lyrics:"Long and Lonesome Way"

Notion of a Mad Man:


I am the fringes of winter, trapped in your jubilee of spring

I am the bleeding heart of poetry, the final tier on a temple made of string


Love is the notion of a mad man

And I was just fool enough to fall

You are the changing winds of springtime and I am the hopelessness of fall


I am the cauldron of sorrow, I am an acquiescent dream

You are shining light simplicity but this life is harder than it seems


Now I’m holding on to nothing, I’m hanging out to dry

And every time you smile at me I ask myself why?

Why did you choose me from those other boys who could have walked you home from school

Just to leave me here all by myself like some kind of tool? 









The sinewy grasp of the long arm of the law

is quicker than your conscience  or a pistol on the draw

so hold your hands to heaven reach up for the lord

just don’t touch that alarm and you won’t hear this smoke wagon roar

Now I don’t want to hurt you

I don’t mean no harm

But let me make it simple,

I ain’t going back to the farm

Now, fill the bags with money

I ain’t kiddin’ around

Hand them over quickly and lay face down on the ground


Cause I’m a bad man

Empty out the drawers  


Don’t make me have to tell you

I don’t know what to do

Just open up the safe and no harm will come to you

I know my life is over

I’m just getting by, just break me off a little

so I can to the other side

My eyes have never seen my one wife’s only son

It should have been ten to twenty but now I’m on the run

Just get through to Nashville, Get me to Tennessee

Just to see my wife and son before uncle Sam catches up with me


I don’t wanna shoot nobody, no, I don’t mean no harm

I’ve got to get on down to Nashville and meet my only son

Because I’m out on the lamb, runnin’ for my life

I got get on through to Nashville  and say good by to my wife 


Horizon Road:


Nothin’ is paid but everything owin’

You can’t tell the difference between the reapin’ and the sowin’

It tells me the truth but I think it’s a lie

There’s nothing left standing between the earth and the sky

Now never was land as lonely as this

Imprisoned beneath this skyward abyss

Now pretend that it’s harder than it’s been

But the only way out is the way you came in


Nothin to see and nowhere to be

Nothin to know and nowhere to go

I wish I never strode down old horizon road


So, give me a ride or leave me to die

There isn’t an end to our mistress, the sky

It’s hotter than hell and it’s close on the map

Our fathers came here and they fell for the trap

I’m losing my mind my soul and my heart

Their waving the flag and burning my art

Now I’m bending my knees, It fits me for chains

my prison my home and my love on the plains


I’m no Devil:


Put your little ol’ hand in mine, the night is wild and free

Take my hand my darling one and give your heart to me

Because I’m no devil I’m just a fallen one

I ain’t in no hurry but I know when I’m under the gun

Last call came round an hour ago and now it’s time to leave

I know it’s late but I still got one trick left up my sleeve

I’m no devil I’m just a mortal man

I ain’t in no hurry but I’m sure you understand


I’m no devil but I’d like to get some sinnin’ done

Cause the fire is burnin churnin the yernin

And bakin’ me like the sun

I’m no devil, I’m just an evil man

So forget the beginning and get with the sinnin’

While we both still can.


Now listen babe, I’m sure you know that this is your last chance

Come with me and carry on or this is your last dance

See, I’m no devil but I ain’t no simple man

So when I saw you baby I saw my master plan




Wrapped up in cellophane, in a bathtub of melting ice

All to escape the pain of a trespassing lover’s vice

She gave me love

She wasn’t interested in my heart

One night stand and in the end I was sold for parts


Now I see why the first one is always free


She said treat every night like it’s the last one of your life

She said neglect your sight and sharpen your soulish knife

Lay off that narrow way

Settle in to the natural flow

I swear I’ll lead you astray, until we find you’ve got nothing more




Went through your mailbox

That how I learned your name

Moved in across the street

You like to play these little games

I don’t know what to say, I don’t know what to do

For now I’m far away, but one day I will have you


Maria, You’ve done wrong by me

Maria, One day I’ll make you see

Maria, My ring upon your hand

Maria, I’ll make you understand


Come on and tell the truth

You came home late last night

You had some guy with you

He didn’t treat you right

You gave your love to him

In betrayal’s symphony

So, now you understand

The fool you’ve made of me


I Don’t Believe:


We’ve been here before, a hundred times or more

Pacing round the floor and up in my mind

I don’t know what’s best but you’ve already heard the rest

So you put on that vest and you head out the door


I don’t believe in the things that they say about me

But (cause) unbelief comes naturally

I’m supposed to speak in the tongues of the angels

But that doesn’t sound like me


I guess if you’re not true I can’t wait for you

However if I do I’ll be looking for my refund in the mail

I think I know what’s right cause when I turn out the light

I think about my sight and the things that I never think to see


Don’t give up on me but I just can’t believe. 

that it’s not so much you but me.

Don’t give up on me but I just can’t believe

Don’t give up on me I desperately

Tried to believe that it’s not so much you but me. 




If you be true I can promise you

My love will tie itself to you

Don’t laugh, please don’t make a sound

And wake the demons sleeping all around


Don’t break my heart this time around

Because second chances are rarely ever found

You say the most beautiful falsehoods

but the truth dear needs no silken vale


If I hold tight you might pull away

our love has always required chase

You laugh, Please don’t run away

Our love should not come with lock and key


If you be true I can swear to you

My body my heart and my soul are yours

You cry, you’ve outdone yourself

You’ve been stepping out but this is your last time


Anna’s Airplane:


She goes on an airplane ride and she don’t look back

She goes on an airplane ride and she closes her eyes

She goes on an airplane ride and I have to think

She goes on an airplane ride so far away, so far away


She goes on an airplane ride but she’ll come home

I think she will anyway

She goes on an airplane ride but she’ll come home

One off these days


She says that we all bleed but on the inside

She says that it’s fine to go and find yourself

She says that she wants to run but I wonder what from

She says that it’s sweeter there so far away, so far away.


She left flowers on my front porch

She left a note to calm me down

She ran way so I wouldn’t see her silhouette 

In the rain





All of my life I’ve been shooting the breeze

Going through it all with relative ease

I’ve been looking around for a reason to be

Working my job and paying my bills

Fighting off depression with prescription pills

I’ve been wondering if maybe this life is the cause


Why is my life so damn sterilized?

We’re walking around like we’re all hypnotized

What ever happened to living our lives in a blaze?

Why is my adventure so damn synthesized?

Doesn’t it feel like we’re all synchronized?

What ever happed to living our lives in a blaze?


Every waking day I’ve been playing a game

Working for the man so that I’ll make my name

But I think I decided that my name is not who I am

They say that life is over in the blink of an eye

But the life that I’ve been living is a perpetual sigh

I think I found the answer hiding deep down inside


The One That Got Away:


When you’re young you feel that you are able

To let go of your love, the first time around

But when you’re older you remember her golden sunshine hair

The way it rolled like satin flowing down

But the mess you made has driven her far away from you

The memories that you cling to fade like mist

And all you know is that she’s gone and wont come back

And that you’ll never  touch the one you miss


She was My Peggy Sue

My Peggy Sue

She was the one that got away

Now there’s nothing I can do


when you’re older you question all your choices

and suffer them like bruises on your soul

and if I sit still I can hear how sweet her voice is

and the way it melts the storm clouds in my mind

but I let her go and I lost my own direction 

stumbling in the dark and in the haze

the rest are dirt compared to her perfection

and how I wish I never let her go



Her eyes stare back across the endless years gone by

The gemstones they are filled with shine with a light

That illuminates my soul, why did I ever let her go?



Lubbock, Texas:


I grew up walking down your alleys

I’ve castled on your non-existent shores

Held on to you through all the dust storms

I wont hold onto you no more

I tell all my friends you just like to tease me

I think your jokes are wearing thin

Doing all I can just to try and please you

Seems to me I can never win


Why wont you kiss me Lubbock, TX

I’ve been as true as any man can be

But you wont love me Lubbock, TX

Why must you make a fool of me?


Been trading words with Colorado

She always lingers on my mind

Been telling me about north of Boulder

She says that she could treat me kind

But I keep true into my homeland

I tell myself I’m not wasting time

I hold out my arms for you to hold me

You say “he ain’t no son of mine”

I think I’ll move up to the Rockies

I think I’ll leave behind the plains

I think I’ll change all my perceptions

I know I’ll never be a Maines





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