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Prospect Eats

The only thing better than a food truck is a bunch of food trucks. The only thing better than a bunch of food trucks is so many food trucks that your brain overloads and it's almost impossible to choose what's for dinner. This is what happens to me every time we go to Prospect Eats. This is one of my absolute favorite summer shows. It is a great representation of how warm weather months in Colorado are spent. Friends, fresh air, music, and a variety of food.

You won't even know you've left Longmont when you get to Prospect, come to think of it, I'm not sure you have. It doesn't matter though, all the brightly colored houses and strange street names make you feel like you're in another world. You'll find the Prospect Eats Food Truck Gathering every Monday night in the park between Tenacity Drive and Neon Forest Circle. People start showing up and trucks are ready to serve around 5pm and the party goes until it either rains or the sun goes down. There's a stage where a local band plays and plenty of lawn space to bring a blanket or a chair. Some people bring picnics and BYOB, some take advantage of the huge selection of excellent local food trucks that surround the park.

At the Prospect Eats Food Truck Gathering, there's always a grip of friendly faces, wonderful smells, and energy in the air. Even if you don't know a soul in Colorado, you won't end a night at Prospect Eats without meeting a new friend or two. The gathering starts in May and goes through September. Enjoy it while you can!

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