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Mac's Place

We have just recently been introduced to a delicious little lunch/breakfast spot, right here in our own neighborhood. Mac's Place asked us to play for their first year anniversary party, we went in to try out the food, and we've been back quite often since then. They make an excellent destination for a Sunday morning walk, a hearty meal before a hike, or a light lunch out with a friend.


One of my favorite things about Mac's Place is that they hand make their own tater tots and potato chips. The tots come with a mildly spicy creamy dipping sauce that usually ends up on my main course when the intended pair has been eaten. I have to try really hard to get anything other than the veggie burger. It's perfectly crispy and savory and comes with a good dose of the sauce I already love. Andy gets pretty happy over their cheeseburger. He even suggests the occasional walk for the reward of getting one. The part we love most about Mac's Place is that it's a true mom and pop shop. Fellow Longmontsters, Teresa and Keith MacPhail are the brains behind the menu and the faces behind the counter. They know their customers and always make them feel at home. Go support this local spot. It's delicious, happy, and it has an excellent patio to enjoy some great pancakes on a Colorado morning or a BLT for the early riser.

EDIT: Since I originally wrote this blog, Mac's Place has named a menu item after me and it's definitely worth revising this post for. That Veggie Burger I always rave about is still delicious, but a few times I went in and wasn't in the mood for bread. I ordered the Veggie Burger filling on a salad instead of buns often enough that they made it a menu item and named it Jessica's Veg on Veg. It's delicious and absolutely worth an extra trip in to try!

Comments Section

Great times with great folks.
Love Mac's Place and their French Dip is to die for!! Great couple, great place, great food!!
Could not agree more! Their tagline tells you all you need to know: "A family run diner in a family run neighborhood"!
Wow, you two rock!!!! Thank you so much for the kind words and I will certainly share it!

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